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k-2 visa
February 22, 2023

As a citizen of the US, you can bring your alien fiancé(e) to the united states to marry and live here with your fiancé(e) K-1 fiancé(e) visa process.

K-2 visas are therefore always linked to k1 visas. The child (or children) must be unmarried and under 21 years old when they entered the united states.

All the relevant information about the k-2 visa such as Eligibility, requirements, processing, Restrictions, interview, cost, and benefits.

k-2 visa
  • Table of Content
    • What is a k-2 visa?
    • Eligibility for the k-2 visa?
    • What documents are required?
    • What Restrictions on visa holders?
    • k-2 visa interview?
    • Cost of visa?
    • Benefits of a visa?
    • Frequently questions asked?

What is a k-2 visa?

The immigration department of the US allows unmarried children under 21 years old on a k-1 visa. 

The dependent children have permission to enter and stay in the United States until an immigrant visa is available to them. When they are in the US, they can also go to school and work after getting a work permit.

Within 90 days of entering the United States, the K1 foreign fiancé(e) and the U.S. citizen must get married.

Eligibility for the k-2 visa?

Applicant must be the child of a k-1 visa holder to be eligible for a k-2 visa, the applicant’s age must be under 21, and they must be unmarried. In other words, one of the parents should be a US citizen who is intending to marry a foreigner and the foreign parent must have an approved K1 visa.

Follows : 

  • Both fiancés (e) must have met in person at least once within 2 years of filing the initial petition
  • The sponsoring fiancé(e) must be a US citizenship holder.
  • Both parties must be ready to marry within 90 days of the non-US citizen’s arrival in the united states 
  • All previous marriages have been terminated, so both parties should be legally permitted to marry
  • The child is not a drug addict
  • The child has no criminal record
  • The child has no violation record in history 

What documents are required?

  • 2 passport sized pictures
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • Passport (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Result of medical examination(from an embassy-accredited physician )
  • Affidavit or evidence that beneficiary will support financially
  • Completed form I-134
  • Police certificate
  • Complete form DS-160(online nonimmigrant visa application) for each
  • Bank draft for visa fees

Processing time for a k-2 visa?

 On average, the process takes anywhere between four to six months for the entire procedure, including the approval of Form I-129F

But there is no official exact time frame for the processing time depending on workload and staff availability at the concerned service.

You can monitor the status of your visa application on the USCIS website by submitting Form I-129F.

k-2 visa interview?

The U.S. embassy or The Consulate that is processing the K-1 fiancé(e)’s visa will likely require all K-2 children over the age of 14 to attend the consular interview along with their parents.

After getting the correspondence, you can schedule the visa interview at a convenient date on the official website.

This might also include asking the child questions to help verify the fiancé(e)’s relationship with the U.S. citizen, so keep this in mind before appearing for your interview.

  • Tell me something about the person.
  • Have you ever met a person in real?
  • What is the name of the person, age, profession, income, etc?

Cost of k-2 visa?

The overall fee structure for k-2 visa is listed below:

  • I-129F filing fee – 535$
  • Biometric fee – 85$(If required)
  • Embassy fee – 265$
  • Medical Exam – Average is 200$ (Varies Depending on Location).

Benefits of a visa?

There are some benefits for K2 visa holders. If a child is eligible, their K2 visa will be approved at the same time as their parent’s K1 visa, speeding up the immigration process and making it considerably easier.

In addition, children will be able to reside in the US whilst their parent gets married. They will also be able to partake in study and apply for Employment Authorization I-765 to allow them to work whilst in the US.

 Frequently questions asked?

Q1: Can visa holders attend school in the US?

Ans: Yes, K-2 visa holders are allowed to study in the US.

Q2: How long until I receive a decision for my k-2 visa?

Ans: Generally, It will take around 4-6 months to receive a decision.

Q3:Can my K-2 children apply for work authorization?

Ans: Yes, If they want to get work authorization as a K-2 visa holder, they can file Form I-765.

Q4: Can K2 Visa Holders Apply for Adjustment of Status?

Ans: The applicant is allowed to apply for Adjustment of Status once the K-1 parent visa holder and the US citizen are married.

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